Do Dogs Shed Less Than Cats? List of Top Shedders Included

All pet owners know that one of the only problems that dogs and cats share is that almost every species deals with shedding. But if you are looking for a pet who sheds the least, are cats or dogs the better option?

On average, dogs shed more than cats because they are typically much larger. However, dogs shed more often when comparing the amount of shedding pound for pound, as it can account for a quarter of their weight. Of all dogs, the Akita sheds the most out of any species.

Dogs have much more fur proportional to cats, but just how much more fur will you have to deal with if you decide to get a dog that sheds compared to a cat that sheds? I will cover that along with the cats and dog breeds that shed the most so that you can be aware if your dog or cat will shed often.

How much do dogs shed?

When it comes to dog shedding,Opens in a new tab. a variety of factors will determine how much they shed.

Seasonal Changes

Dogs typically will grow extra fur during the fall and winter months in order to help them stay warm when it starts to get cold. However, when spring rolls around, they need to get rid of that fur or they will overheat. This is when the most shedding will take place.

I wrote an entire post, linked below, dedicated to seasonal shedding. It includes a chart detailing when dogs will start their heavier shedding season in both the northern and southern hemispheres.

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Poor Nutrition

If a dog is not getting the right nutrients each day, it will not be able to maintain the health of its fur, and it will start to shed. To prevent this, make sure you get food for your dog that is of good quality and is made for how big your dog is.

If you are looking for new food to try, you should always consult your veterinarian. They will provide excellent recommendations for food, especially if your furry friend has any medical conditions. 

Parasite or Fungi

If your dog gets ticks or fleas, it will start shedding more to try and get rid of the creatures. If you make sure that your dog has proper protection against these sorts of things, it will limit the amount of shedding.

The post I wrote about dog hair regrowth is linked below. It goes through the different hair regrowth stages, including what happens in shedding seasons!

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Pregnancy will cause more shedding

If your female dog is expecting, she could be running short of the calcium and minerals needed to maintain a healthy coat, causing her to shed more than usual. Stress can also play a factor in increased shedding.

Although your dog will shed constantly, it will shed more than usual once or twice a year as the seasons change.

If you brush or bathe your dog regularly, you can limit the hair that the dog will shed throughout your house, as most of the fur will be removed at these grooming sessions.

When it comes to cleaning up fur in your house, the best option is to use a vacuum. In many cases, you will need a vacuum with a powerful amount of suction to get the most fur off your furniture.

How much do cats shed?

One of the fundamental problems when it comes to cat hairOpens in a new tab. is the fact that cat hair is extremely fine and when it gets airborne, it can stay in the air for a long time, making it very difficult to clean.

However, just like with dogs, cats shed a variety of different reasons.


Like with dogs, when a cat is placed in an environment that causes it a lot of stress, it is going to start shedding more. When you first get a cat, it is likely going to be shedding more than usual as it adjusts. This will probably last for about a month.

Poor Diet

If you do not give the cat enough food or if that food isn’t of good enough quality, your cat will shed more than usual, as is the case with dogs.


Cats can also get allergies, and when they have to deal with them frequently, they will start shedding much more than usual. You will want to get in touch with your vet to know what allergies your cat might have if you suspect that your cat is shedding because of allergies.


When a human gets a bad sunburn, their skin will start to peel to heal quicker. Cats have a very similar reaction, as when they get sunburned, they will shed some of their furs so that they can recover faster.

Cats shed year-round and will reach their peak shedding season in fall and spring when they start thickening or shedding their second coat. Either way, you will want to groom and bathe your cat often to limit the amount of fur, as once it gets into the air, it can become tough to clean from your house.

Which Sheds More?

Dogs shedOpens in a new tab. much more than cats, however, the main reason for this is that the most common dogs who shed a lot are typically over 100 pounds heavier and many times larger than cats, so there is more hair for them to lose.

If you want to know which animal sheds more if they were both the same size, you will still find that dogs shed more. It has been found that a dog’s fur, when it has its second coat, can be anywhere from an eighth up to a quarter of the dog’s weight.

Meanwhile, the weight of a cat’s fur doesn’t nearly make up the same portion of weight that a dog’s fur does, so they typically don’t shed as much as most dog breeds.

However, because dog fur is heavier than cat fur, it is easier to clean up dog fur, as it floats to the ground more quickly than cat fur.

You may want to vacuum the air when the sun shines and show you exactly how much cat fur is in the air when you have a cat. You may feel silly doing this, but we have to do what we have to do sometimes. I have vacuumed the air more times than you want to know!

But if your dog is a shedder, you may find that it seems like they shed even more after a bath! In the post I linked below, I wrote all about what causes dogs to shed so much after a bath and helpful tips on how to deal with it.

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Top 10 Shedding Dogs

  1. Akita
  2. Alaskan Malamute
  3. German Shepard
  4. Chow Chow
  5. American Eskimo
  6. Great Pyrenees
  7. Labrador Retriever
  8. Siberian Husky
  9. Bernese Mountain Dog
  10. Cardigan Welsh Corgi

You will find a more detailed list explaining each breed in my post linked here.

Top 10 Shedding Cats

  1. American Bobtail Cat
  2. American Curl Cat
  3. Chartreux Cat
  4. Cymric Cat
  5. Nebelung Cat
  6. Ragamuffin Cat
  7. Ragdoll Cat
  8. Russian Blue Cat
  9. Siberian Cat
  10. Neva Masquerade Cat

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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