Keep Cat Hair From Sticking to Sheets: 10 Ways & Best Fabrics

For pet owners, hair is found throughout the entire home. I find cat hair in the weirdest of places, but some areas build up cat hair faster than others! Cat owners often find their bedsheets covered in cat hair. So, what are 10 ways to keep cat hair from sticking to sheets, and what fabrics are best at letting go of cat hair?

After researching cat hair sticking to bedsheets, the following ways have been compiled below, in addition to the best fabrics to have in your home while owning a cat.

1. Cat Tree Taller than the Bed

Having a cat tree taller than the bed allows the cat to be more interested in the cat tree than the bed. Cats prefer sleeping in high places, so having a more towering cat tree allows the cats to choose to sleep there rather than on the bed.

Cats like to be higher because of their primal instincts of predators. The higher they are, the safer they are! Furthermore, cats like to be the highest to assert their dominance. They may even want to assert their dominance over you!

Simply providing the cats in a home with another option for a place to sleep can lessen the amount of cat hair found on bedsheets. This gives a cat owner less hair to worry about when climbing into bed at night.

2. Place the Cat Bed Near the Bed

For a lot of cats, having their own area is something that allows them to feel comfortable. Placing their cat beds near you but still in their own secluded area can help them actually sleep in their beds.

Some cat owners have learned that placing the cat bed underneath their beds can make their cats feel more comfortable sleeping on their own.

I have three cats; one LOVES to sleep under the bed on her padded mat, and the other two prefer to sleep on top of the bed or their cat beds placed around our bedroom.

If there is no room underneath the bed, many cat owners have discovered that placing the cat bed in a box can give them a sense of safety. After all, cats love boxes!

By strategically placing cat beds, you create another area for the cat hair to accumulate… but at least it is off your bed sheets.

Certain cats will shed more than others, and in the post I wrote, linked below, I explain if dogs shed more than cats!

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3. Humidifier

Using a humidifier can be an excellent way to avoid allowing a cat’s skin to get dried out. When their skin becomes dry, it causes them to shed more than when their skin is well-moisturized.

It is vital that no essential oils are placed in the humidifier. These oils can harm the cat, and some could even increase the shedding a cat experiences.

Using a humidifier that is easy to clean will provide clean moist air to the bedroom, prevent excess shedding, and reduce static that causes more hair to stick to the bedsheets.

4. HEPA Filter Air Purifier

This type of air purifier does not entirely eliminate the amount of cat hair throughout a home. However, it reduces the hair and odour present in a home.

A HEPA filter air purifier can help lessen the amount of cat hair throughout a home and dander from the cat.

I have a Dyson Pure Cool HEPA air purifier, which is incredible! Here is the link on Amazon! Opens in a new tab.

My Dyson Pure Cool, TP04 - HEPA Air Purifier and Tower Fan
My Dyson Pure Cool, TP04 – HEPA Air Purifier and Tower Fan

This fan is a game-changer. It is incredible what it picks up from the air! When the fan notified me that the filter needed to be changed for the first time, I couldn’t believe the amount of cat dander it had picked up, along with some hair.

Using a HEPA filter, especially in the bedroom, has helped prevent both cat hair and dander from accumulating and made sleeping a much better experience.

5. High Thread Count Sheets; Bamboo vs. other fabrics

High thread count sheets are the easiest way to limit the amount of cat hair collected. The higher the thread count, the less cat hair is likely to be collected because there is less room between the tight weaves.

The type of fabric sheetsOpens in a new tab. are made of can limit the amount of hair collected.

The best sheets for avoiding cat hair are bamboo sheets. This 6-piece bamboo sheet set (Amazon link) Opens in a new tab.has a thread count of 1800, preventing the cat hair from embedding and sticking to the sheets.

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Bamboo is what most anti-pet sheets are made of. The texture of these sheets does not allow cat hair to cling and less static electricity, which helps less hair to collect.

Other individuals decide to use satin sheets over cotton sheets. While satin sheets still collect cat hair, there is much less hair collected than when an individual uses cotton sheets.

Below is a guide on how often to wash your bedsheets if your dog sleeps with you, but it equally applies to cats.

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6. Pet Hair Resistant Blanket

For some individuals, the easiest way to avoid cat hair getting attached to the bedsheets is by covering the bed with a pet hair-resistant blanket. These blankets can be found online, allowing a pet owner to avoid having a bed covered in cat hair.

This pet hair-resistant blanket is easy to clean and fits into a washing machine, which makes it easy to get rid of any hair that is collected on them. Here is one linked on Amazon that is both modern and effective. Opens in a new tab.

You can also use a regular blanket on top of your bed for something easier to wash and change more frequently.

7. Damp Cloth

An easy way to remove cat hair from bedsheets is by wiping the hair away with a damp cloth. This method does not only work on removing cat hair on bedding but also works for removing hair from clothing.

A damp cloth is an excellent alternative to a lint roller or any other method for hair removal.

Some individuals have discovered that spraying the hair-covered sheets with water and then using their hands to wipe the hair away works well for removing the hair.

Both of these methods can make removing hair extremely easy. This would allow the cat hair to clump up so it can easily be picked up and thrown into the trash.

8. Pet Hair Sponge

Pet hair sponges were explicitly designed to allow pet owners to remove pet hair from bedding and other furniture easily.

This method allows individuals to be quickly removed from unwanted areas in a home. These sponges are very simple to use. Simply spray the hair-covered area with a small amount of water, and then rub the sponge over the hair-covered area.

You can find them on Amazon single or in a multi-pack! Opens in a new tab.

9. Nitrile/Rubber Gloves

Using rubber gloves is an extremely cheap way to remove unwanted pet hair from bedding and furniture. Simply running a rubber glove over a cat hair-covered area can easily collect all or most of the hair.

This is an extremely cheap method compared to other forms of hair removal.

This method can even be used as a way to prevent a cat from shedding. Wearing a rubber glove and then regularly petting a cat can collect any loose hair and allow you to easily throw it away before it gets on your furniture, clothing, or bedsheets.

And it is reusable! Just rinse them off, but remember to protect the drain to prevent clogs!

10. Regularly Grooming; How often to use the FURminator

An easy way to prevent the amount of shedding a cat does is by regularly groomingOpens in a new tab. them. This allows the loose hair to be removed before it falls onto unwanted places throughout a home, including the bed.

Use a FURminator 1-2 times a week for no longer than 20 minutes. FURMinating too much can irritate the skin of your pet. Between FURminator usage, use a regular comb or brush to groom your pet to remove excess hair.

There are a lot of different types of brushes that can be used to help reduce the amount of shedding that happens. The type of brush that works best depends on the length of the hair a cat has.

Before purchasing a brush, it is essential to ensure research is done so cat owner is able to take the best care of their pet. Certain brushes are not the best for specific types of cats, as they can scrape that cat’s skin, which can be extremely painful for them.

Check with your veterinarian for the best advice that is tailored specifically for your furry friend!

Even though you can never stop shedding, I hope these tips I have given you will help reduce and keep cat hair from sticking to your sheets!

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Hi! My name is Holly. I am currently the fur mom to my beautiful three ragdoll cats, and I have owned multiple dogs over the years, including Siberian Huskies! To say the least I am experienced with all aspects of pet hair!

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